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I am both curious and passionate about how amazing and unique we all are as human beings. I offer people relationships which serve to transform perceptions about life so people may realise greater peace and joy.

I am committed to my own personal purpose in life which is to teach love and to know love from an inner foundation of compassion, generosity and gratitude and through the practices of awareness, acceptance and heart-based action.

Heartnicity is my platform to inspire and educate otheres who are also seeking a path of heart.

Sometimes finding a non-judgemental teacher can give you the support you need to safely explore your life and critically reflect on what’s working and what’s not working from a kind and compassionate perspective.

I believe that inside each one of us is an essential nature and that when you look deeply you will find the beauty that always lives within. It’s the little pilot light within you that I believe is never extinguished. It keeps you seeking and lights the way. It may even have led you here to Heartnicity!

My philosophy is to just accept whatever it is someone brings to me about their life. No blame, no regret, no judgement, no wishing it were different , just acceptance. Acceptance helps you to question and seek what’s true in your heart.

Let me lead you as you explore the beliefs and habits that get in the way of you ‘filling up your own energy bucket’ and creating deeper levels of inner peace.

My books, workshops and teachings offer you the opportunity to have a new experience in relationship with yourself so that you can discover previously undeveloped aspects and experience the world in new,  more meaningful and joyful ways.

I am also a senior facilitator with the Petrea King Quest for Life Foundation where I have been leading programs since 2007.

Please contact us if you’d like to book into our next public workshop, engage me to speak at your next conference or to inquire about any other Heartnicity services.


“Throughout my life I have been committed to my own personal development and growth. I feel deeply grateful for the wisdom, support and love received from superb teachers and incredible therapists on my own path of heart …”

Margie Braunstein

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