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Do you need empathy and understanding and safe place to make sense of your challenges?

If you need kind, confidential understanding so that you can explore your inner process, then come and see me so that we can work on ways to change things for you and increase your inner peace and vitality.

If you have tried to change but nothing has worked, then come and talk to me and together we will work to ease the pain and pressure. I work with trauma, stress, anxiety, attachment issues, relationship problems, self-worth issues, depression and most of the challenges that this life presents.

 I also work with many clients experiencing grief and loss. Every person has their own process after loss and I support my clients to find their own way through so they can begin to integrate and find meaning again. The goal is never to 'get over' the loss but you may find ways to support you to manage the pain.


Doing it alone can be tough.

I am a Clinical Psychotherapist registered with PACFA - Provider number 21630 with over 30 years’ experience and offer complete confidentially and professionalism. I abide by the ethical guidelines of PACFA  Australia. 


I am an accredited counsellor with SIRA with the Workers Compensation Regulation Approval Number: 19112.

I am also a registered counsellor with Victims Services NSW. Registration number: A2628

At present, I am available for Telehealth phone sessions and my fee is $154 inclusive of GST. 

Tax invoice available on request. 

ABN: 24 982 824 282 

Please note that I do not have a Medicare Provider number.

I would be happy to discuss your needs so just Email, call or text me.


I am a Clincial Member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation Australia  PACFA -  21630

I am registered to see WorkCover clients and my Sira Workers Compensation Regulation Approval number is 19112

I am a lso a Registered Victims' Services Counsellor - A2628 and a Medibank Private provider -1317641A

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