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What is Heartnicity?

When I was looking for a word to describe my work I couldn’t find one that meant bringing love and meaning together so I made a word up that combined the heart with synchronicity.

Heartnicity is about making meaning through the intelligence of the heart.


Living on a path of heart requires Awareness, Acceptance and Action which, when used together, generate more meaning, peace, and love in your life.

This is what I call Heartnicity.

So, welcome! Here you’ll find information and resources to support

you on your journey.”

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“For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length--and there I travel looking, looking breathlessly.”

― Carlos Castaneda, 
The Teachings of Don Juan:

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A wise physician said to me, “I have been practising medicine for 30 years and I have prescribed many things, but in the long run I have learned that for most of what ails the human creature, the best medicine is LOVE.” “What if it doesn’t work?”, I asked. “Double the dose”, he replied.

I have been a therapist for over 30 years. I am a Clinical Psychotherapist and Member of the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA).

I work with people to enhance their conscious awareness and, by extension, improve the quality of their day to day lives. I am also proud to work as a Senior Facilitator with the Quest for Life Foundation.



'"Your heart knows the way.

Run in that direction"...



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Caring. Professional. Dedicated to excellence.

I am available for one on one Telehealth sessions for psychotherapy and counselling support. 
contact me directly via text or call me to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.


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Getting to the Heart of Stress with The Heartnicity Method provides a practical guide using everyday stories from my own life experiences as a woman, wife, mother, therapist, writer, public speaker, and teacher.

The Heartnicity Method introduces AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE and ACTION as foundation skills that underpin a conscious

and joyful way of living well.

This book is about creating a positive response to life and living with an understanding of yourself that enables you to get out of bed each day with a sense of meaning, purpose and profound joy secure in the knowledge that whatever challenges you face, you’ll have some strategies in your tool kit to meet them creatively and consciously.

Click here to buy the book now. Available in paperback $20 plus post or eBook $9.99.

Available on Kindle AU $11.99


Would you like support?

Do you need empathy and understanding? A safe place to make sense of your challenges?

If you need kind, confidential understanding so that you can explore your inner process, then come and see me so that we can work on ways to change things for you and increase your inner peace and vitality.

If you have tried to change but nothing has worked, then come and talk to me and together we will work to ease the pain and pressure. Doing it alone can be tough.

am a Clinical Psychotherapist registered with PACFA - Provider number 21630 with over 30 years’ experience and offer complete confidentially and professionalism. I abide by the ethical guidelines of PACFA  Australia. 


I am an accredited counsellor with SIRA with the Workers Compensation Regulation Approval Number: 19112.

Eligible clients can access counselling through NSW Victims Services. 

 For more info and fees click  below.

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There’s a difference between someone who may understand the theory of something but who hasn’t put it into practice in their lives, and people who live what they have learned.

​Margie has not only implemented into her own life all the knowledge and information she’s accumulated, but she has helped thousands of people to find their own

best answers too.

​When we feel someone truly understands us and why we are the way we are, we may then feel safe enough to explore some new directions and choices.


Petrea King

Quest for Life Foundation



Margie brings her insights about how we work as humans together with her love and care for the emotional beings we all are. She translates complex scientific information into easily understandable language which makes it relevant for the everyday person like me.   

Margie has helped me to see a much bigger picture of what I experience on a day to day basis and I feel so grateful to her for showing me how to ease daily suffering and live more from my heart.  

As a mentor and teacher I have always found Margie’s understanding of people and relationships really inspiring.

Michelle Grainger

Colleague and Friend

Margie is a valued colleague of mine.

She is a talented coach, counsellor and psychotherapist who is open-minded, warm and wise.

I highly recommend her work to anyone seeking inspirational and insightful support.


Gemma Summers


Counsellor, Coach and Psychotherapist


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